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Adult and Graduate Education at Roberts Wesleyan College

Finish your bachelor's degree with degree-completion

Posted by Michael Blankenship on Aug 27, 2014 8:50:00 AM

DC_ClassroomEarn your bachelor’s degree in as few as 15 months with degree-completion

Degree-completion: You may not have heard of it before, but if you’re thinking about going back to college to finish your bachelor’s degree, you’ll want to read on.

Degree-completion is an accelerated and innovative approach to earning a bachelor’s degree that allows adult learners to apply most past college credits and experiences toward a degree.

The fact is, you can earn your degree in as few as 15-21 months through one of these innovative bachelor’s degree programs at Roberts Wesleyan College. It works by allowing adult learners like you to leverage past college credits and earn college credit for what you already know. Plus, your professional and life experiences may also qualify for college credit.

Roberts combines all of these creditsfrom classroom and non-classroom sources—and applies them toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree within an academic discipline, like business, criminal justice, health administration, nursing, and education.

Choose education that saves you time and money

Completing a traditional bachelor’s degree (not degree-completion) as a working adult might require 3 to 12 years in school and cost upwards of $50,000 or more1. A Federal study found that nearly 40% of students enrolling in another college to complete a degree received no transfer credit for previous college experiences. At Roberts you can transform your life in as few as 15 months for less than $25,000 (cost of books is included), and we accept most past college credits with a grade of C- and above!

Save time and money with Degree-Completion

How it works

Earning a bachelor’s degree from Roberts requires 124 college credits. To enter Roberts’ degree-completion program, new students need a minimum of 60 college credits.

Where do the 60 credits needed to start come from?

  • College credits previously earned at other colleges, which are then transferred into Roberts’ degree-completion program. Most grades of C- or higher will transfer, regardless of how old they are.
  • Additional credits awarded or earned through Prior Learning Assessment and/or Credit for Life experience.
  • You can earn additional credits through the Pathway Program: 5-8 week courses that meet one night per week or on Saturdays. Some courses are available online.

Approximately 22% of working age adults (25–64) have earned some college credit, but no degree.2

Once you have those credits to begin, you are admitted into Roberts as a “junior” within your desired major, which enables you to be eligible for aid and grants that may pay for some, most, or all of your degree program, depending on your financial status and need.

How it all adds up:

How Degree-Completion Works

As an innovator in degree-completion since 1986, Roberts Wesleyan College provides an efficient pathway to finish your degree, and a supportive environment where adult learners work with and learn from experienced faculty and peers. At Roberts, adult learners thrive academically despite the challenges they face while going back to college to complete a degree amidst a busy life—our experience and encouragement pave the way for your success.

Begin an initial credit assessment

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