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Adult and Graduate Education at Roberts Wesleyan College

Faculty Spotlight: Mark Concordia, Criminal Justice Administration

Posted by Michael Blankenship on Aug 20, 2014 2:57:00 PM

Mark Concordia, Program Director for the Criminal Justice Administration ProgramLaw Enforcement and Training Professional of 22 Years

As a law enforcement professional, Mark Concordia knows what it takes to get the job done. He's worked in every area of law enforcement, including corrections, homicide investigations and counter terrorism. Prepared with 22 years of experience in these areas, Mark now leads the Criminal Justice Administration Program at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Corrections to Counterterrorism

Mark's career demonstrates his expertise as a law enforcement / training professional across criminal justice sectors (view Mark's complete profile).

  • Monroe County Sheriff's DepartmentDeputy Jailor
  • Town of Brighton Police DepartmentNarcotics Investigator
  • United States Customs Service, Department of the Treasury | Special Agent, Criminal Investigative Division
  • FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Town of Greece Police DepartmentCounterterrorism Investigator

After 15 years of public service, Mark accepted a position as a Counterterrorism Instructor, responsible for training federal and state law enforcement officers in all aspects of counterterrorism investigations. In this role, he developed a 24 hour counterterrorism and contemporary issue school at the Monroe Public Safety Training Center.

Preparing Leaders for Law Enforcement and Private Security

With his extensive expertise in law enforcement, counterterrorism, and officer training, Mark looked to use his knowledge to prepare the next leaders of law enforcement and private security. With the input of other criminal justice professionals, and in partnership with Roberts Wesleyan's established Organizational Management Degree-Completion Program, the accelerated Criminal Justice Administration (CJA) degree was launched.

Watch the video below to hear Mark speak on his own professional experience and the Criminal Justice Administration Program at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Complete an Initial Credit Assessment Through this time-shortened, degree-completion program, Mark prepares students with experience in private security, the military and law enforcement to uphold the demands of justice by developing critical skills in criminal justice and leadership. This program is ideally suited for experienced professionals, aspiring leaders, and military veterans seeking a bachelor's degree. This criminal justice degree also seeks to recognize the expertise gained by students in their professional lives, including:

  • Police Academy
  • In-service Training
  • Military Service / Training
  • Other documented professional life experiences

These credits are combined with any past college credits and the Criminal Justice Administration courses to provide students with a bachelor's degree in as few as 15 months.

Additional benefits of the Criminal Justice Administration Program:

  • Classes meet 1-night per week from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Jefferson Rd. Extension Center for 15 months
  • Cost and delivery of books is included in tuition
  • Applied learning enables students to make immediate impact at their workplace

 Learn from Mark Concordia's 22 years of experience - Download a Fact Sheet

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