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Adult and Graduate Education at Roberts Wesleyan College

The Impact of a Master's degree in Health Administration

Posted by Jason Hammel on May 10, 2012 4:53:00 PM

Roberts Wesleyan College's Master's of Health Administration (Cohort 11 - Graduates of May 2012)

Pictured on the right: Master's in Health Administration (Cohort 11 - Graduates of May 2012)

It is often said that the only constant in the world is change. Whether this idea applies to every scenario and environment can be debated; however, one area in which the idea is undeniably true is the health care industry in the United States. Various forces, such as the our aging population, technological advances, health care reform efforts, and increasing patient expectations are driving change at an accelerating rate. These socioeconomic and political forces are pressuring health care organizations to improve  quality of care, provide care to more people, and cut costs. Essentially, health care must learn to do more with less, and to do it better than ever before.

Health care leaders must make decisions in light of this truth. Greater emphasis must be placed on how care is delivered far beyond the patient’s point of contact and leaders must be prepared and equipped to both manage the administrative processes and lead all members of the organization through a cultural shift toward efficiency and excellence in all aspects of the business – yes, I said business.

The Master's of Health Administration program at Roberts Wesleyan College teaches the business side of the health care industry. Through academic discourse and practical application the program prepares its students to lead the charge into the future of the industry by providing them with mastery-level competency in a variety of disciplines. The valuable skills learned in the program's course curriculum includes: servant leadership, financial management, continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma principles, organizational and human resource management, ethics, and the overarching importance of an organization’s vision, mission, and values. The Master's of Health Administration program at Roberts Wesleyan College provides its students with the tools they need to grow as professionals, leaders, and people. I am confident that its graduates will continue to be leaders and change agents upon the shifting landscape of the health care industry in the United States.

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Health Administration, David Fagan

Blog Article Written By:

David Fagan
Senior Compensation Analyst
Paychex, Inc.
Master's of Health Administration (2012 Graduate)



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