The 2022-23 scholarship is open until Friday, April 24th, 2023. Complete the form on this page to apply and get access to the essay instructions and full details.

In response to the ongoing teacher shortage, Roberts Wesleyan University, News 8, and Advantage Federal Credit Union remain committed to preparing new teachers by awarding three $10,000 scholarships to:

Step 1: Submit Your Information

Step 2: Submit Your Essay

In 250 - 500 words, please respond to the following questions. What sets "Golden Apple" teachers apart from the rest? How will you inspire your students to become lifelong learners? 

Submit the scholarship essay on or before Friday April 24, 2023 to

Step 3: Apply to the University

If you haven’t already, apply to the college. To be considered for the scholarship you must be accepted into the education program on or before Friday, April 24, 2023. 

Apply to the degree-completion Pathway to Teaching Program 

Apply to the Initial Cert M.Ed. Program

Apply to the Traditional Undergraduate Program

NOTE: By submitting the form on this page you can apply to the Golden Apple Scholarship and get access to essay instructions and details. Scholarships are only available to new students that start their degree at Roberts Wesleyan College in August 2023. 


Scholarship winners will be selected by a scholarship committee of admissions professionals and teaching faculty at Roberts Wesleyan University. Each Golden Apple Scholarship winner will be awarded $10,000 in scholarship funds. Scholarship funds will be divided up evenly and applied to each winner's tuition bill (each term) for the duration of the teacher education program chosen. Winners will be notified by May 1, 2023.

Scholarship winners must enroll as full-time student in their chosen program starting in August 2023. Scholarship requires the recipient to remain in an Initial Certification Teacher Education program or major at Roberts. The total of all grants and scholarships (including federal Pell and NYS TAP) cannot exceed 100% of tuition. For Pathway to Teaching and Master of Education students, the scholarship cannot be combined with any other Roberts aid including scholarships, grants, and partnership discounts. Roberts faculty, staff, and dependents are not eligible for the scholarship.