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Looking for On-Campus Graduate Student Housing at Roberts?

Roberts has on-campus housing options for full-time, graduate students on a first-come, first-served basis. Complete the form and Student Life will contact you about next steps.

Housing Includes:

    • Bed, desk, chair, and dresser
    • Shared bathroom, kitchen, and lounge
    • Use of Roberts gym, pool, library, and computer lab

Housing Price & Deposit deadlines (2020-2021 prices):

    • $1,950 per semester - single occupancy (fall or spring)
    • $3,900 per academic year- single occupancy (fall and spring)
    • $1,500 summer (June - August) - single occupancy
    • $500 deposit is required
    • Deposits due July 15 (Fall), December 15 (Spring), and May 1 (Summer). NOTE: Social Work, M.S.W. "Advanced Standing" students deposit May 1 (Summer).

Optional Meal Plan (2020-2021 price):

    • $1,135 per semester (8-meals per week + $100 flex spending). Additional plans available or may load cash to I.D. card for meals.

For questions about housing, please contact Student Life:

Email: Student_Life@roberts.edu
(585) 594.6350

Submit Housing Request Form